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    • Hidden Jar Creations ET18643243
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Wanting to store items in plain sight? or just simply where no one would ever think to look? Well, Megamind's Workshop has got that covered.
These amazing plush toys have been created with hidden jars inside them for a totally secret hiding place for whatever you need. It's basically a 2 in 1, a cute plush toy for cuddling and taking everywhere and a secret hiding place for small nick-nacks.
Their 25cm high, custom made, if you don't want a dog, other custom made plush toys can be created to your liking, and to whatever size you want, if there's a plush out there, there's away.
You can choose from different coloured collars to suit you!
They would be great for kids wanting to hide their favourite gum or favourite toy away from their siblings.
The head is secured with a twist-on lid so it can't accidentally fall off if fallen or carried around.
Each hidden creation comes with a secret gift inside from me to thank you for having interest in one of my creations :)

Hidden Jar Creations! ET18643243