Steiff dog Chow Chow prewar 1928 to 1931 only large 14 inches sitting ET87682468

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    • Steiff dog Chow Chow prewar 1928 to 1931 only large 14 inches sitting ET87682468
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Here comes a rare find; Steiff Chow Chow, named ‘Blanco’, a mohair dog that Steiff produced in this largest size (35 cm / 13 ¾ inches from the middle of his head to his bent hind leg) only from 1928 to 1931.
Once this mohair dog was produced by Steiff as a mascot for ‘Zeppelin’, after the image of a real dog – 1928 when the big airships had their heyday, the German airship ‘Graf Zeppelin’ made its first trans-Atlantic flight. When it went back to Germany a Chow Chow puppy named ‘Vedool’ was on board, a gift from American friends to the flight Captain. The little dog became the mascot not only of this airship journey, he flew quite a lot in his time and became very popular and even caused the Chow Chow to become the fashionable dog of the 1930s.

Steiff was never slow on the uptake and produced standing and sitting Chow Chows in various sizes and colours very quickly for a short time. Incredibly one of the few cute dogs surviving all those years made it into our shop:

‘Blancos’ name eludes to his light cream colour mohair plush, now it is a bit faded to a beautiful cream white. As you can see in the photographs a good deal of the old Steiff dogs short hair mohair is missing by now, the parts with the long hair mohair are a bit better preserved.

Inside the left ear of our vintage Chow Chow you can clearly see where the old Steiff button sat, there is a circular bit of mohair in the original un - faded cream colour left.
The label under the button would have been red and shown the number 3335,2; sadly, button and label are lost. From the chest tag only the original thread where it was fastened remains. The squeaker in the old stuffed dogs belly is mute.

Our very old Steiff dog here still has its original glass eyes, from the red paint jobs in the corner of his eyes and between the embroidered claws some rests remain. On the hind paws those claws are complete, on the front paws they are partly missing or thinned.
The nose and mouth embroidery are original, mouth stitches complete, nose stitches partly gone – here I had to remove a very ugly and disfiguring old attempted restoration.

Vintage Steiff dog’s right leg is a bit bent and has a small stitched scar on the side, also an old restoration, this one I left.
There are two spots with open seams, one on the base inside the bent of doggies curled tail and one on the underside of the dog.
Both I decided not to re – stitch; there is no danger of stuffing (wood wool – excelsior) coming out. Also, I decided against opening one of the original seams to re - stuff the right leg, it is stable enough as it is, and our very old stuffed animal had seen enough of restoration during his long life…

I do think old Steiff Chow Chow is exceptionally beautiful such as he is now, maybe a bit shabby looking but clean and nice and aged with much dignity. Originally our old Steiff Chow Chow Blanco would have spotted a silk ribbon, the pale pink satin bow he is wearing now was added by me.

*Please, do be aware that this listing is for the vintage Steiff dog ONLY! All other items you see in the photographs will NOT come with the old dog!

*Please notice: This vintage Steiff animal does not belong into the hands of children; it may not fulfill the safety standards for toys in our time! So it is not meant as a toy, though a collector’s & vintage toy lover’s item for decoration & display only!

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Steiff dog Chow Chow prewar 1928 to 1931 only large 14 inches sitting ET87682468