GIANT d20 foam dice for D&D TTRPGs 8"/20cm ET87488684

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    • GIANT d20 foam dice for D&D TTRPGs 8"/20cm ET87488684
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Do you want to UP your game? Have you been striving to for better, BIGGER, more MASSIVE roleplay sessions? With these sizes of dice, you'll feel like YOU'RE the minis now - Oh, how the gaming tables have turned.

These d20s are not just big, they are also beautiful!!. They are squishy and soft, made of foam and fabric. I handmake each set with care, using foam sculpture, stencilling, painting and hand-stitching. Not only are they fun, they also look incredible as decorations!

In this order you will get:
-One giant d20
-Numbers can be stencilled in black or white, or you can leave it to me to decide (useful if you are ordering a surprise pattern!)
-Please note the listing photos are sample dice only, your order will be custom made by me to your specifications. The colour options are as follows:
-One solid colour
-A random pattern from my fabric stash. If you have a specific type, or colour of pattern in mind, please put a general description in your order notes and I will match it as closely as possible.

Please note that at this time, I no longer have any of the patterns featured in the listing photos - every dice is different!

After much experimentation, I have found that once you scale a dice up to football size AND make it bouncy, issues of 'balance' become rather irrelevant. That said, They do roll fairly well, and I've never had any issues with unfair rolls. I do recommend giving them a good 5 foot+ of floor space to roll/bounce around in.

CARE: While clean-able to some degree, these dice are still very much indoor items (aren't we all), and won't take well to elemental exposure.

I hope you enjoy your amazing handmade giant dice! Happy gaming <3

*ReallyBigDice does not accept responsibility for adverse effects incurred during play including but not limited to: spilled drinks, injured GMs, scared pets, upset nachos or damaged minis. Please game responsibly.

GIANT d20 foam dice for D&D TTRPGs 8"/20cm ET87488684