Wooden Jigsaw puzzle DaVICI The city of cats 700 pcs Artist Diana Zimens NEW ET66824354

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    • Wooden Jigsaw puzzle DaVICI The city of cats 700 pcs Artist Diana Zimens NEW ET66824354
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In the details of the puzzle hidden a graphic city with houses, cars, fruit trees, road signs and lights. Above the houses the sun and moon Shine, stars and comets fly. The city comes to life in the humorous, funny stories of its inhabitants. The collected picture from the reverse side can be considered for a long time.

In the center of the narrative – humorous stories from the life of cats inhabiting a large city. Only on the creation of semantic elements and compositions in detail the artist Davinci took more than two months! In the process of creativity, a new artistic style of semantic and secondary details was born, which we called "animation".

Another feature of the "city of seals – - in the design of the set. The puzzle pieces are folded into a stylish wooden pencil case

The size of the picture: 480 x 530 mm
Complexity: Advanced level, easy to assemble in 5-10 hours
Number of parts: Seven hundred
Artist: Diana Zimens. canvas, acrylic 2018


Artistic wooden puzzles DaVICI

Each DaVICI set is a small world with its own history. Here, behind each of your decisions are new puzzles and discoveries.

The shape of the parts surprise. Instead of the usual details-figures of birds and animals, dragons and strange fish, kings and Wanderers, stars and planets, houses and cities. Hundreds of heroes of works, fairy tales and surreal stories.

Each set is a new story. Stories come to life in wooden details. It's always different stories and stories-adventures. Ready to be surprised? Turn the assembled picture tree up and peer into the folded history.

DaVICI is a puzzle that you will enjoy solving. In every picture there are surprises, illusions or secrets. Details about it are not written anywhere, but finding it, you will be delighted.

Recognizable details are like a new art form. Lace cut canvas puzzles are the work of graphic artists team DaVICI. Creative. Art. Stylistically adjusted. DaVICI style is a separate uniqueness of each set.

The soul lives IN DaVICI puzzles. Tremulous care permeates every detail. Rich colors, filigree cut elements with millimeter precision, clarity of lines and shapes. Everything is important. From original ideas and luxurious packaging to the enchanting aroma of stone wood.

Real masterpiece. The assembled puzzle is a reproduction of an artist's painting-a work of art, showing the events of the past, present, future or other worlds.

Production technologies and materials.

Wooden puzzles DaVICI created on the basis of the latest technologies of production of intellectual games. For making fancy puzzles we use individual software that displays unique cutting schemes on the wood. An automated laser scanner cuts through each puzzle, adjusting the thin shapes to millimeters. Each cut is inspired by the characters and content of the main image and complements it to form a picture within a picture.

In creating puzzles, we are guided by the principles of naturalness and use natural paper and birch wood, harmless non-toxic glue. Subtle elements of birch veneer with a light click connect into colorful shapes and keep your hands warm. The magic of assembling the puzzle is complemented by notes of woody aromas. All elements have a natural texture of light wood.

Throughout life, wood accumulates sunlight, and if you look closely at the cut, you can see the same shades of yellow and orange that we see when looking at the sun. Therefore, wooden puzzles are so nice to hold in your hands: they have an amazing texture that pleases the eye and gives a feeling of warmth of the sun. And, of course, the enchanting aroma of fireplace wood permeates every detail of the puzzle.

It is with concern for the environment began our work on puzzles DaVICI. We have abandoned plastic, dangerous for the environment, and as the main material for the manufacture of puzzles we use wood: it does not have a negative impact on the world and does not contain chemical compounds.

Wooden Jigsaw puzzle DaVICI The city of cats 700 pcs Artist Diana Zimens NEW ET66824354