custom made classic organic waldorf doll organic cotton soft doll handmade doll steiner doll steiner baby doll waldorfpuppe babypuppe ET81435782

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    • custom made classic organic waldorf doll organic cotton soft doll handmade doll steiner doll steiner baby doll waldorfpuppe babypuppe ET81435782
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On average I will need about 2-4 weeks at present to make your classic custom doll. A cuddle doll type is faster. Shipping to North America takes 2-3 weeks on average, within Europe: 1-2 weeks. Australia: 3 weeks.

This listing is to inform you about my custom made dolls and the general doll making process - and the choices you have. Please check my ready to ship category for dolls that can be shipped right away: .

There are a lot of ways to make a doll. This also counts for waldorf dolls. Here I would like to show a little of what to pay attention to when you are trying to choose between different dolls – and what details I consider important. It is the details that in the end make the doll a gift that will last for years and years.

About the hairs:
Some use goat hair for a doll’s hairs, but I do not. The reason is that you can fix hair from woolen yarns much better to the doll’s head, which makes woolen hair much more durable and much harder to pull off the head.

I use really a lot of woolen yarns for the hair (of girl dolls). Depending on yarn thickness this can easily be 150-200mtrs (≈600ft). As my aim is to have a child play with the doll, and not to have a collector’s doll, I find it important to make the hair fun to play with: as a rule you can always put my doll’s hairs in a braid or ponytail – or however you like.

About the body:
The body is tightly stuffed with real sheep wool. This makes it very firm, but keeps it soft because of the tender cotton tricot.

I do not use synthetics for filling, “because you do not see them”. I do this, apart simply from the good principle of using only natural materials, because you do feel them, wash them, and also smell them: for children smell is very important, more important than for us adults, and natural really smells differently. It collects smells from loved ones, including the baby/child itself, and it has self-cleaning properties. Wind and sun clean wool where synthetics have to be washed in the washing machine. And you can always put some lavender next to the doll if the child doesn’t play with it for awhile. This also helps to keep the moths out. When the doll is played with intensively, this is not even necessary.

Arms and head are sewn to the heart in the body with triple stitching. Legs are sewn to the body tricot with triple stitching. This guarantees both flexibility and durability. As I experienced it with my own children: They break unbreakable things, so I try to prevent this with my dolls!

Legs and feet:
I make 2 types of feet. A standard and a more complicated one. The complicated one imitates the real foot with heel and looks really nice (picture #3). Also the seam is on the side of the foot and leg and isn’t too visible. With the standard leg and foot type the seam is on the front side, which makes a bended form possible, but keeps the seam in view (picture #1).

I stitch the eyes in different shapes. When you color or paint them, they can smudge, fade or wash away.

In general, I make my dolls for children to play with. Though I am sure there is art in making a collector’s doll, I really like the feeling it gives when a child will play with a doll I made – and breathe life in it! The differences between these types of dolls are, for example, also reflected in:
• hair types: I do not use goat hair. It can look really nice, but it cannot be fixed to the doll’s head as well as woolen yarns…
• body details: I do not make toes or … buttocks. I keep to the principle that a child should use his imagination. He does not need the form of buttocks to see them there
• in eyes: I try to give less form and more abstraction to my eyes.

Please browse around through the dolls I have ready for shipment and let me know what you like from which doll. I can make a doll according to general or specific wishes. But please remember, every doll is unique. My experience is that the dolls want to be just as unique as the children it wants to play with, so really sometimes you are thinking of brown eyes at the start, and then suddenly during work on the doll it becomes clear that it wants blue ones… When a doll is in process you as my customer will get updates on every stage and I you can choose along the way any details that need to be decided. Usually I work on a classic (large) waldorf doll for about 10 days. This depends a bit of course also on amount of detail of the hair and clothes. Standard with your order you can choose between a doll without clothes, with basic clothes (undershorts and dress or skirt and blouse for a girl, shirt and pants for a boy), or with a range of clothes (underwear set, dress, skirt, blouse, pants for a boy, vest or pullover, socks and shoes). But please let me know your specific wishes by email or order comments.

For the custom made dolls I ask 30% downpayment (Please find the prepayment listing here: ) and this is usually non-refundable, because I have to purchase and use specific materials that you choose for your order. The final payment can be done when the doll is completely finished. If you should suddenly not like the way it worked out, you can always cancel your order and not make the second payment. But I will keep you informed every step of the way while making the doll, so I would be surprised if this should happen.

custom made classic organic waldorf doll organic cotton soft doll handmade doll steiner doll steiner baby doll waldorfpuppe babypuppe ET81435782