Velvet doll shoes 105 cm - 4 1\8 " French style for an antique doll grey blue . ET53632531

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    • Velvet doll shoes 105 cm - 4 1\8 " French style for an antique doll grey blue . ET53632531
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PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: We also do custom orders. Do you want to have shoes made in your desired size, color and style?Please do not buy shoes that do not meet your requirements directly combined with a request to make them different. Please wait with buying and send a request for a custom order instead according to the instructions below the description of this advertisement. If you buy shoes directly that cannot be sent to you as they are described in the advertisement, then we will unfortunately have to cancel your purchase.

This is one pair of handmade doll shoes in old French style. They are lovely for an antique doll. They are not suitable as toys for children. They are only made for display .

Sizes of the shoe sole: 10,5 x 4,7 cm - 4 18 " x 1 78 "

Doll foot size advice: The doll feet must be smaller than the shoes.
The shoes are only suitable for doll feet that are flat at the bottom.
The shoes are succesfully tested on doll feet with sizes 9,4 x 4,7 cm - 3 68 " x 1 78 " , so the shoes will fit doll feet that have these sizes or that have slightly smaller sizes.
Place a foot from the big toe to the heel in a caliper to measure the length of a doll foot.
Place the widest part of a foot in a caliper to measure the width of a doll foot.
The doll foot size advice takes into account that the doll is wearing thin socks.
Are the shoes a little too spacious? Thicker socks will help !

Shoe color: grey blue

We only use natural materials to make the shoes:
Velvet for the shoes.
Cotton tread for the edge embroidery and the laces.
Silvercolored brass for the rosettes.
Leather for the soles ( inside and outside ).
Acid free cardboard for the inner strengthening of the soles.
Hide glue for the glued parts of the shoes.

The shoes will be shipped together with a nice handmade cardboard box with a small magnetic closure. This box will be protected with a second cardboard shipping box during the shipping process. The handmade box will be a nice storage place for your shoes when they are not in use, and it can also serve as a gift box if you want to give the shoes as a present to a doll lover !

Please note that we will only send your order to the address you entered on your Etsy account.

Do you need shoes in a different size or in a different color than how they are depicted and described in this advertisement?
• Ask for a costum order instead of buying the shoes in this advertisement.
• Think carefully beforehand about what the shoes should look like and what sizes they should have before you request a customized order. It is important for us that you are clear and steadfast in your wishes in order to succesfully make a beautiful good fitting pair of shoes for you.
• Give us the dimensions of the bare feet of your doll: the length, the width and the ankle circumference. And please tell us if the sizes you provide to us are in CENTIMETERS or in INCHES ! On request we can send you some instructional photos that show how you can measure the feet.
• Tell us whether the doll will wear socks in these shoes, and if so, whether these are thin or thick socks.
• Give us a clear description about what the shoes should look like. Which model, which color, which decorations?
• If we can meet your request, we will send you an Etsy advertisement for the desired pair of shoes. This is a private advertisement on the Etsy platform that is only visible to you and us and it is a non-binding offer. If we do not receive an order and payment for this private advertisement within 48 hours, we will remove it, canceling the offer.
• If you order and pay for the offer within 48 hours, then we have an agreement for a customized order. The shoes are then made for you within 3 working days and then they are sent to the address you linked to your Etsy account. Please note: You cannot exchange or return these shoes that have been specially made for you.
• Finally (we are very sorry to ask this!): Do not ask for a customized order just for fun, nor when you are not sure that you want what you ask for. We take our work seriously and we like to make doll shoes for people who think the same about this. It is a waste of everyone`s time if communication stops as soon as we have responded helpfully to a request for a customized order. The person who made the request does not benefit from this and neither do we.

Velvet doll shoes 105 cm - 4 18 " French style for an antique doll grey blue . ET53632531